Sunday, 26 April 2009

Day 26

* I've really lost the will to do this, hence the last few poems - and this one - which are just like wordsearches tipped into a bathtub and dumped into the sewer. Like that simile. But, like, people are apparently 'following' me, so I'm actually definitely certainly going to actually definitely certainly write something that constitutes a poem tomorrow.

Apparently we're all sneezing into
the same cultural tissue, but
hopefully some snot is bigger than others;
definitely my hayfever could spray
all over the ever right now, assuredly and
Later that same day
I added two verbs and equaled
'superfluous'. Then Shaly told me to calm down
(also to stop using cheap tricks when
breaking lines like a cripple's spine)
and jump around outside, which
I'm sure to her means inside.
You know,
there really is no connection here
other than the one I'm using
to make the unreal one
look less like no connection.
And I've never met a fiction
that doesn't want to talk about itself.

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