Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Day 29

* Out of the way so I can revise tomorrow. I think I've italicised a bit too much...


At least three times today I’ve overheard
people saying they “have no idea.”

Well I do have an idea, you know, and let
me tell you I’m really the worse off

as all I have is an idea,
circling in my mind like a simple dog

that never even comes close to chewing its tail,
is always tailing itself, hasn’t got a tale

or anything other to do
than play with itself.

I’d give you my idea
if I had any idea what it was

but now it’s merely a blob of genderless cells,
a slow drip in an abandoned rotting shack,

a knot of unrelated images dumped
in a bag of metaphors inextricably mixed.

So take your no idea and put it in
the pockets your trousers don’t have

and pray that like a condom you didn’t know split
it doesn’t grow into something you can’t imagine.

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