Thursday, 9 April 2009

Day Nine

If I whispered I’ll tear you apart would you mishear me
and think I meant I’d rip a hole in my life for you to climb in?

It’s all so complicated nowadays and hard
to stop the clichés, like flies, buzzing through my brain.

Have you ever thought that when we take off our clothes
we’re really hiding the evidence?

Or how in our clever conversations about theory
we always confuse ‘deconstruct’ with ‘decompose’?

Maybe we stare at each other with such fire in our eyes
in the vague hope that one of us will melt.

Maybe in winter when I’m happy to give you my coat
I’m really trying to freeze the feeling out of me.

I don’t know. That time we were on holiday
filling the unexplored rooms of our interest with light

You said, “I’d forget you in an instant and just disappear
if only because I could then meet you fresh once again.”

The thought made you look like a shadow covered in dust
and I was completely speechless, like trying to define love.

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